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Thread: Is it possible to buy a MBP without RAM?

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    Is it possible to buy a MBP without RAM?
    I might buy a new laptop but I was wondering something. I would like 4GB RAM, but comparing Apple's preinstalled prices to Crucial's DIY prices, I saw Crucial was $300 cheaper. I would like to buy one, without the preinstalled 2GB and just install the 4GB myself. Is that possible? Thanks for your input.

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    The only problem with what you want to do is Apple does not sell computers without RAM installed. Just get an MBP with the lowest amount of RAM they provide and then do your Crucial upgrade. I am sure you will never find a brand new MBP without any RAM.

    You can always try to sell off the Apple installed RAM here or on ebay.

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    So I would be selling 2x1 GB RAM... Thank you for your help. I never want to make a mistake with a big purchase like this!

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    When I spoke to Apple this past week, inquiring about the MBP, I asked about Apple RAM vs. Crucial. They told me that if I added the RAM through Crucial, it would void the AppleCare warranty. Has anyone else been told this? What shocked me was that when I inquired about RAM in the Apple store, one of the sales reps actually suggested I upgrade my RAM through Crucial rather than Apple bc it would be 1/2 the price.

    Does anyone have information that agrees with this or to the contrary?

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    Applecare on the computer isn't voided, it will still cover the computer, what it won't cover is the 3rd party RAM you install. If you buy from Apple and have them install it, then it is covered by Applecare.
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    yeah, just make sure you have replaced the RAM before you turn the machine on for the first time. That way, you can sell Mac's RAM as never-used!

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