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    Cheap hard drive upgrade!!!
    I copied this post from another thread so that it would get more recognition:

    "If you look at my previous post, I said that I wanted to purchase a seagate 160GB and an external enclosure from newegg.

    That would cost: $110 HDD + $30 enclosure + $7 shipping = $147

    Well, BestBuy has the Free Agent Go 160GB external hard drive on sale for $109.99.

    As it turns out, the Free Agent Go has the 5400.3 Momentus drive inside of it.

    And, since the HDD is replaceable in the Seagate enclosure, there is no need to buy another enclosure (and the aftermarket types look cheap IMHO).

    Oh, and I can buy this tomorrow (no need to wait for newegg to get more stock)."

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    Only caveat is potential warranty issues if/when the drive fails. Other than that it's not a bad deal if you only want a 5400rpm drive.
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