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Thread: battery problem

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    battery problem
    OK, I updated my macbook with the new 1.1 EFI firmware the other day(I dont know when it came out but it just showed up in software update so i did it). It seemed to make my boot times even better but thats about it. Now today my macbook says it has about 10 minutes left of battery. So i go to get my power plug and all of a sudden.. battery completely dies. so i plug it in and turn on the macbook and the charge time says 69 hours and 38 minutes... I'm like whats wrong here? so i close the lid and open it and normally it has a calculating thing after i pull it out of sleep or plug it in... but this time it just jumps to like 101 hours of battery. So I dont know what is wrong but if anyone know or can help i would appreciate it greatly...

    thnx in advance

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    MacBook Battery Problem
    Sounds like you have the MacBook Battery Problem. It's pretty well documented at Your battery may qualify for a replacement from Apple.

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