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Thread: Ibook update?

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    Ibook update?
    Hi, I am really anxious to buy an ibook but I would really like to get one with 64 megs. of video ram. Does anyone know if they will be updating the ibook in this way between now and next January?


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    I don't want to sound rude, but...

    No one knows. The only ones who would know are people from Apple. And they would get fired if they told...

    Out of curiosity, what do you need the 64 megs of video RAM for?

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    Yeah, why do you need 64MB of video ram?

    BTW, if they were going to announce new iMac in Paris this fall, I have a hunch they'll also announce new iBook. These two models are the last ones from the previous polycarbonate case design paradigm. It's about time they are phased out.

    Personally I like the older design (iBook, Cube, iMac) better than the new aluminum case (G5, PowerBook), but it's just me.

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    Check for update cycle predictions, but my guess is they'll update them in november..

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