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    Dual booting linux/OS X & replacing combo drive
    Ok, first question is, has anyone installed yellow dog linux on a powerbook & configured it to dual boot so you can select the OS on startup? Secondly, can you buy a superdrive separate from a powerbook and install it yourself? If so, who's the best parts supplier?

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    I know nothing about Yellow Dog Linux. I did get a PowerPC version of Knoppix, wouldn't work on my PowerBook, and froze up my iMac...

    And replacing the combo drive with a Superdrive would void your warranty. I don't know if your okay with that. If you are, I recomend searching Google.

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    Yes, I've tried Yellowdog linux on a Mac. I only recommend this if the Mac is going to be a pure server. Dual booting between Yellowdog and OS X is just silly, since OS X has 'nix already built in.

    Secondly, yes you can buy a superdrive at the expense of voiding your warranty. You can buy them at
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