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    fried logic board
    hey im new to this board but it looks like a pretty good resource for me at the moment. i have a powerbook g4 and this is my problem. one night one of my friends spilt a drink all over my powerbook(mainly over the powerbutton and R. speaker), it continued to shut off (or short out) and not start up for a while, i dried it up for a few days leting ithave some open air etc. so i start it up and it works jsust fine but the sound was all messed up, came out crackley etc. the sound controls on keyboard didnt work for about a month but work now. though the sound doesnt work on some settings and the sound works best when the comp is muted?!! i get home and try the dial up 3 months later and i find i have no modem either

    i go to the apple store not so long ago they tell me my logic board is basically toast but somehow still working a little bit. and that it is 900 to fix friend can give me some money for a replacement but def not 900 and i dont want to and cant really support a payment like that right now. so is there a place to buy a new or used logic board?! or could it possibly be something else?!


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    I have not tried them, but I have found pbparts. You might want to look at them.
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