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    Unhappy REALLY LOUD fan noise, is Apple going to fix this?
    Occasionally (once or twice a day, for about 30-60 seconds) there's a louddddd noise coming from my left speaker. it sounds like a fan that's being overworked. CONSTANTLY there's a hum... it's not really really loud but it's loud enough to **** me off!

    I have the APP... but here's the problem.

    I recently took my laptop out of my bookbag and there's a small dent where I plug in my charger. It looks like something bumped into it... it's nothing huge... and the noise what happening BEFORE I ever got the little dent. I have a feeling Apple won't replace it because they'll say it's my fault. What do you think? Is there something I can tell them that will make them more apt to fix it?

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    The dent MAY have thrown the fan alignment out of wack. But Apple won't know until they have a look inside. Loud spin-ups are normal though. It's just the machine cooling itself. But if you must... Don't mention the dent and take it in.

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    You can easily see if it's a fan - just get a widget like iStat ( and see what the fan speed values are when you're hearing it. My MBP gets loud at around 5,000 - 6,000 RPM, and idles at 2,000 (at which point it's nearly silent).

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