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    What is the lifespan of the Powerbooks
    Hey guys

    Just curious...what is the average lifespan of a Powerbook G4. I udnerstand at one point we wont be compatible with anything, but u know like how pc's start breaking down after a while....when does that happen to an apple? I always say never, but am i right? :confused:

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    i dont have a clear answer for you, but many people are still using (and buying) lombards and pismos from 1999-2000. despite being slow by today's standards, they still get the job done.

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    Yeah I guess it depends on what you do.. if what you need it for it has to be the latest and greatest.. then about 2 years, maybe.. now useable.. I still have a computer, not a powerbook, from 1997 and my wife uses it quite a bit to surf the web, check her email, plus office, etc etc.. still a really good machine.. I guess powerbook's wouldnt have quite the life as my desktop though.

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