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    Cleaning the powerbook....
    ok guys...i've started to notice a few little stains (like water drops..although VERY small) but i'd like to know HOW can i clean the powerbook screen without damaging it. if oyu have some cool home-made products or ways to clean it...i'd be even better........'cause i won't have to spend more money on this.

    Another question on cleaning:

    how can i clean the aluminum parts? the handrest (which no matter how clean your hands are, they always get somewhat dirty....specially if it's hot and the palms get a little bit sweaty what can i use to clean it?......just water and soap?... (being careful NOT to drop water over the keyboard or the trackpack of course!....)

    thanks for the help!

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    the best would be just water and one of those baby dipers, not the desposable ones but the cloth ones. They are very soft and won't scratch your screen or the aluminum case.

    I use that or a product called iklear it works great and comes with microfiber cloths. but its not free!

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    The manual says paper and water. I haven't had the guts to try it, though.

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    hehehhe kinda gutsy right? hehehehe....has anyone tryed the "water and paper" ?? eheheheh let me know!

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    I use Klear screen to clean the screen and the body of my powerbook.
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    I used an LCD cleaner that was purchased at staples. It worked beautifully

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    lots of people use windex on their powerbook with no problems whatsoever so water and a lint free cloth would be a safe bet

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