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    external screen
    hey guys,
    i used windows computers a long time ago, and when i used my laptop i would somtimes use a docking station so i could have a bigger screen. i have a 15" powerbook. and i was wondering if i buy one of the studio displays..will it be compatible with my powerbook?

    thanks for the help!


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    You bet! I think the new studios just plug right in

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    yep. they work great

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    and would you just continue to use your keyboard on the powerbook? or would you buy a new keyboard so that you can close the powerbook?
    sorry im new at this

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    you could get a new keyboard if you wanted but you wouldnt want to close the powerbook because it doesnt mirror the screen, it extends it. (you might be able to mirror it if you want, im not sure)

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    pb extends and mirrors (F7 key). so yes you can leave it open and you'd have two displays, or you can close the lid and use an external keyboard, mouse and display

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    In Reference to that last note, when I close the lid on my Powerbook when mirroring with another screen the computer goes to sleep. How do you stop this?
    I recently bought a 12" Powerbook and a 20" monitor plus keyboard and mouse so I can use comfortably at home and on the go. It works like a dream. The only issue I have is I just want the external monitor to run when at home (and at the correct resolution for that monitor) and not mirror the 12" monitor and run at the resolution for that monitor.
    Any ideas please?

    PS I highly recommend the setuip I have. You get the best of both worlds. Portability plus comfort at home.

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    is there anyway to turn off the option that your powerboook goes to sleep when the screen is closed? i have been looking but i cant seem to find it!

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    There is a hack to have the sleep disabled but it is not recommended. Most of the heat in the powerbook is transferred out of the keyboard. Leaving the lid closed with the processor and all the other hardware running could lead to overheating and possible damage.
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    so if you are to use a external screen, do you just have to keep the lid up then?

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    no the powerbook will run with the lid have to have an external monitor connected and you HAVE to have the powercord connected or it wont work... its been a while since i have done it so im not sure of the exact process but if it doesnt work once you close it and it falls asleep you can plug in a usb device which will wake it from the sleep OR shutdown...then connect your external display..turn the powerbook back on and then shut the lid right away...this will force it to use the external display connected and your off and running...

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    and it wont be dangerous to the poerbook?

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    This is out of the PDF instructions on my 17in powerbook, and I have tried it and it works great...

    Using Your PowerBook With the Display Closed
    You can use your PowerBook with the display closed if the computer is connected to
    an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and the power adapter is plugged into the
    PowerBook and an outlet.
    Important: To use your PowerBook with the display closed, the power adapter must be
    plugged into the PowerBook and an outlet.
    To operate your computer with an external monitor attached and the display
    1 Connect a USB keyboard and mouse to your PowerBook.
    2 Connect the power adapter to the PowerBook and an outlet.
    3 Close the PowerBook display to put the computer to sleep.
    4 Follow the steps in the previous section to connect your PowerBook to an external
    5 Wait a few seconds and then press any key on the external keyboard to wake the

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