Hi, I'm brand new to the forums and am having a bit of trouble with my new MBP. It's the 2.4ghz 160gb hd 17" model with the nvidia 8600m gt.

Here's my list of problems:

1. File transfer times - They have been taking way longer than they used to on my pc. I have friends using the regular macbooks and it's way slower than theirs as well. (Using msn messanger for these transfers, not ideal but it works for how small the files are)

2. Video loading times - We have a website where we upload a new video every week or so and I need to load it a few times to make sure everything looks good. It has been taking me almost 8 minutes to load a 26.1 mb video which is ridiculous. Again other people I know using macbooks and imacs load it almost instantaneously.

At first I thought it was my ****** router so I bought an airport extreme router. It did help a bit but it's still not doing either of these half as fast as it should.

Thanks for any help.