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    Buying a New Powerbook 12"
    Hi guys. I know you're not going to believe me, but I'm wondering whether it's possible to buy a new powerbook 12" notebook. It's for a friend who is set on having a new powerbook 12" and refuses to settle for a new macbook. Does anyone know whether it's possible to purchase one from some online store or some place? Maybe I should contact apple? Thanks

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    PowerBook 12" models have not been new in almost 2 years.
    The only place you are even possibly going to find a new one is a third-party reseller... and those chances are slim.
    Contacting Apple would do you no good. His best bet is to check out people selling used ones.
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    D3v1L80Y is absolutely correct about the availability; in short, I can almost guarantee that you won't find one.

    I have one question for your friend though: WHY?!?

    I can see picking up a PB *in addition* to a MB (considering doing that myself in a year or so after the 17" high res PBs come down in price another $500 or so) but I can't see choosing to go with a 12" PB *instead* of a MB.
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