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    Very loud buzzing coming from speakers
    3 times now since buying the Powerbook last week it's suddenly decided to make a very loud buzzing noise at a fairly random occasion. It's not exactly something I can return it for because it's intermittent and has only happened 3 times.

    It's like a noisy rasping sound similar to if you put a data CD in an audio CD player and try to play it back. The only way to make it stop is to hold the power button to shut the PB down.

    Is there anything I can try to stop this happening? Or is it a hardware fault :confused:

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    is there any specifc program or thing you are doing when this occurs?

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    Nothing specific... first time checking out the text-to-voice feature, second time quitting Second Life (game), third time rebooting VirtualPC. If anything it suggests as if it's trying to initialise the sound chip and doing something wrong.

    I've reset PRAM in the past over another issue and thought that might've cured it, but it didn't.

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    I've experienced this while rebooting Virtual PC 6.1, and I just pressed the mute key (F3), and that made the sound stop. After about 30 seconds I turned the sound back on and the buzzing stopped.

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    Funny enough I never tried mute - it's such a nasty noise I feared for the speakers and instinct was to turn it off. Will give that a go next time!

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