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    Sleep Mode Questions
    Hi - I just purchased a 12" IBook - waiting on delivery - I've read alot about Sleep Mode - I understand that it is ok to put it in sleep mode overnight and also while putting it in a bag & traveling? (though i've also read that some of you choose to shut down while traveling)

    Is Sleep Mode something you use while only running battery power or also using the power adapter? If I usually have my IBook running off the adapter at home, should I still put it to sleep (while plugged in) overnight?!

    Thanks for any advice you can offer a newbie (who can't wait to get her stuff!)

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    I put my iBook to sleep whenever I'm not using it. I never shut it off. That's how Mac's are designed so don't be afraid to do it. I also put it to sleep while traveling.
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    Dido. I rarely shut my pbook off. I just sleep in. Especially when I'm travelling; if I take my computer somewhere, that means I'll be using it shortly after I get to whereever I'm I don't want to what for anything. Sleep mode is a wonderful thing.

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    I've had my ibook for about 7 months already, the only time it's been turned off if you want to call it that cause it was briefly was when I reboot after some software/security update. Stability is a beutiful thing and it hardly sucks up any juice when it is in sleep mode while not plugged in. :-)

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    I leave my PowerBook on all the time. If I'm traveling, I turn it off. If I'm busy at home, or doing something importaint and my PowerBook is not in my room, I'll put it to sleep.

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