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Thread: How can we clean the Macbook Fan?

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    How can we clean the Macbook Fan?
    I realized my macbook takes longer to cool and the fan is also getting louder. I believe this is a common problem among laptops and wanted to know if there is a way to clean out the fan from cluttered dust.

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    Short of disassembling the machine, the only way to do it is to get some canned air and blow into the vents which are located between the base of the LCD and the body of the machine. This will probably scatter dust all over the inside of the machine which could possibly wind up being sucked right back into the fan, but that's the only way to clean it outside of taking the machine apart, as I said.
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    Another way to do it with by using a vacuum to suck out the dust. Use the dusting/crevice hose on your vacuum and suck the dust out through the vents (if you can change the suction power use a gentler setting). Don't use a terribly powerful vacuum and be careful not to let it take any of the buttons off your keyboard!

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