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    Little electrical "tingles"
    Touching the case of the Powerbook normally, is fine.

    Yet if I touch the right-hand side metal area (near the battery) very lightly with the back of my thumb (especially if it's sweaty), often accidentally, it feels like an electrical current. Similar to the feeling you get if you put a 9V battery on your tongue.
    If I put the joint of the thumb very lightly there, it feels like it's sticking.

    Anyone else experienced this? Maybe it's just an illusion due to heat etc, as if I touch it normally there's no shock or tingle.

    (I'm not talking about static electricity, which I've also had the misfortune of feeling when picking up the powerbook after it's been sat around in a hot room for a while)

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    i dont know, but i'm sure i've felt something occasionaly whenever i marvel over my powerbook and brush my hand across the top of the lid, i cant place the exact feeling into words though.

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    It's LOVE, I tell ya
    The little PowerBook has an electrifying personality *hugs it*

    Whatever the oddity is, it seems to come and go... I'd guess at an illusion due to heat, small hairs etc. Or love :p

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    *rofl* now this is a funny thread I actually do have a bit of a tingle also, but it hasnt happened in awhile.. on the right side close to the battery, it doesnt hurt, it's just disconcerting once in awhile

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