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    Macbook Pro screen dimming problem
    I just bought a new MBP the other day and im having a little issue with he screen dimming. After a couple minutes of sitting idle, the screen goes from full brightness to a very dim state. I have unchecked the option to dim the screen in the system preferences/energy saver options, but it still does it. How can i prevent it from doing this??

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    The screen will dim if it is not touched for a few minutes, that is normal. However, if it dims while you are using it, then check if the power cable is completely in the socket. If the light on the charger is green, then it is charging and the screen should not go dim.

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    in the energy menu, there are option settings for when the power cord is being used and when it is not. make sure you adjust both. if you turn them all the way up, the computer will not dim or turn off unless you close the laptop or shut it down manually. hope this helps and doesnt confuse you more, im really sleepy right now.

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    Sounds like a bug, might want to call apple and see if you can't get a new machine.

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    Macbook Pro screen dimming
    Hey, its not a bug, I had the same issue. Go to system preferences>Displays>on the bottom you will notice "Auto adjust brightness as ambient light changes" this will solve your problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcj0417 View Post
    Hey, its not a bug, I had the same issue. Go to system preferences>Displays>on the bottom you will notice "Auto adjust brightness as ambient light changes" this will solve your problem.
    I second that.

    Also go into Energy Saver and click options uncheck automatically reduce brightness before display sleep

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    thanks. this was really helpful

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    wow had the same issue and thanks for the fix.....i really feel stupid

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    I have to use Applecare
    I called Applecare and found out after doing the PRAM reset and the SMC reset, the computer still dims itself a few notches when I wave my hand in front of the camera.

    I have seen the same problem I am having on other forums, so I thought I would post here, that I found out I have to use my Applecare plan at an authorized store, and probably need some hardware replaced.

    Once the settings above were changed and the two different resets done, it should have solved the problem. This is why it's most likely a hardware issue.

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    Cheers for the tips ..... worked for this here newbie

    Dave B.

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