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    Is Macbook graphics card OK for video editing?
    I'm thinking of purchasing a new Macbook. I'd like to get the 2.16 GHz model with 2GB of RAM and the 160GB hard drive.

    My question is: Is the Intel graphics set good enough to do video editing? I don't know if a true 3D graphics card is required for video effects, or if they can still be rendered and output by the Intel chipset. I'd like to get the Macbook and also get a 24" external display so I can use the big screen for video editing at home, but then I still have the portability of the notebook.

    When I compare the Macbook with the RAM and hard drive ugpraded to the Macbook Pro the only real difference is 2" of screen and the video card... and to me that isn't worth the extra $600 or so the Macbook Pro adds. For well under that difference in price I can get my 24" display to go with the Macbook.

    Thoughts? I'm not looking to play any hardcore games or anything, just do photoshop and video editing. Is this a good system for that?

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    The graphics card is fine. Just be sure to have plenty of system RAM and HD space.
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    It depends on the software you're going to use.

    Lower end packages like iMovie, and FinalCut Express will run fine on a MacBook, given enough memory and space as D3v1L80Y said.

    Professional packages like Avid Xpress Pro and FinalCut Studio require a real graphics card...indeed, they have specific requirements that you'd better check carefully in advance.

    Adobe Premiere Pro's system requirements state that it requires a 7200 RPM hard disk, which would be hard to do with a MacBook, and specific graphics cards for playback of accelerated effects. I don't think a MacBook would be the best choice for that application.

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    Final Cut Express will run fine on a Macbook, however the 'unlimited RT' feature that lets you preview edits before rendering them will work better on a real graphics card.

    Some parts of Final Cut Studio require a better card afaik.

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