Hello everyone,
So i took my 'untested' PowerBook G3 to the apple store, and they had a charger, and they plugged the powerbook in, and right then the green light below the screen turned green, and the genius just thought it was asleep. I pushed the power button, nothing, light still green, held the power button, nothing, light still green. He takes out the battery, same thing. So he looks under the keyboard and says there is no hard drive. I saw an empty space by the ram but i (never owning a powerbook before), did not know what it was for. He said that it shouldnt be turning it self on right when you plug it in, and even without a hard drive, it should still be going to the sad face. He told me to re-seat the memory and the processor card and try it again.
So, maybe the previous owner botched a ram upgrade (as it had updated ram in it)? I dont really know what im talking about.

So what should i do? I looked under the keyboard and found the hard drive cable, and on the end it wasnt pushed in all the way (by the ram), could that be doing it? I dont know...