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    G4 won't charge, and OS thinks it's connected to AC Power
    Hi - I spilt a glass of water on my iBook the other day and today it has come back to life after me letting it dry for a while. Everything is working, with the exception of power. Let me describe the problem.

    I'm running Ubuntu (not OS X) on my iBook, and when I boot Ubuntu it thinks that my iBook is plugged into AC Power, regardless of whether or not the power is plugged in. However this is not a problem with Ubuntu - it always detected this stuff fine before this happened. What's perhaps more interesting is that when I plug in the charger, nothing happens. The iBook still thinks it's connected to AC Power, but it doesn't charge, and the light on the charger doesn't come on or anything.

    I know that this isn't a problem with the battery, because I've tried this with another battery and I get the same results (both batteries worked previously, and only one was affected by the spilling of water). And I strongly suspect that it is not a problem with the actual charger, partly because it's only a few months old, but also the way that the OS thinks it's plugged into AC Power when in fact it isn't. This leads me to believe that something internal inside the iBook that deals with power and bateries and that kind of thing is broken.

    Has anybody else experienced this or does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

    (ps, I've tried resetting the PMU and PRAM - didn't work)

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    DC-in board (where you plug in the adapter) or logic board became bad from the water spill. Take it to an Apple store or an AASP to get it checked out. Back up your data beforehand too.

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