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    i'm getting tired of all these small dumb things
    ok, over the past month there has been a line of varying colors flashing across my screen at random times, in the exact same spot, i wasn't very worried about it, thought it was something little that would sort itself out, well it isn't, its back and staying here, theres a constant white line or any other color, sometimes 2 tiny white lines right next to eachother, i have pictrures to show you
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    definitely send that to apple to have it fixed
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    That's not going to fix itself, if you're still under warranty, get it fixed by apple.

    I don't know the technical terms, but LCD screens bend crystals with electricity, and from the looks of it, the thingy that zaps the crystals in that area is broken.

    I could be completely wrong though

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    You simply have a bad trace to the LCD column. What does that mean? It means you have to have the screen completely replaced.
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    I had a white line through my screen ALL I HAD TO DO WAS CLEAN MY SCREEN! Seriously, and then, it just went away when I booted it up.

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