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    Question macbook vs. macbook pro for editing
    I am trying to decide between the black macbook and macbook pro. I will be doing editing with final cut as well. I am getting a display so the 13" screen isn't a problem, in fact I would really prefer the smaller screen and easier portability. I would get 2gig of ram on the macbook and macbook pro, and possibly an external drive for more space.

    So it all boils down to 2.16GHz with the macbook or 2.2GHz with the pro. (I don't want to spend so much for the 2.4GHz.) So I am debating if the 2" more (that I don't need) and .04GHz is worth the approx. $300. Will those GHz make that big of a difference in editing?

    In probably two years I will be upgrading and really indulging in my editing. So should I go with the macbook and save for a future upgrade, or do I NEED to get the pro because of editing?


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    well, the macbook has a chipset, built in "video card". the macbookPro had an nvidia geforce 8600m video card. I have not tried editing on the macbook, but i am willing to bet it will be choppy, respond slowly and what not. I dont know for sure though.

    The macbook has 64mb shared video memory, the MBP had 128/256 dedicated. i would go for the MBP for editing and such, and a MB for personal browsing/email type of stuff.

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    Hey all, new here. I just purchased a Macbook Pro (15.4" 2.2 GHz standard w/ matte screen) with the educational discount (I am a University student pursuing graphic design as a major). Although graphic design is probably not as intense as video editing, I still purchased the Pro. What it came down to was the graphics card, screen size/resolution and subtle features such as the illuminated keyboard.

    I also have a 20" LCD that I plan to hook my MBP to when I am working at home, but I still think the 15.4" is more space for me to work when I don't have an external monitor (I figured the reason for me buying a laptop was so I can work/study on the go). The 8600GT and size of the screen was enough to warrant the price difference, but having an extra 1GB as well as a more powerful CPU makes the $300 seem like not that much of a step for what you are getting.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the "regular" Macbook is a great buy for those who won't be doing editing, but if you are going to do some graphics intense programs, the Pro is definitely the way to go IMO. You are already spending over a thousand $ on something that you plan to use for business, so you might a smaller fraction of that to get something that will last you longer and won't limit you to certain tasks.

    O and I am already falling in love w/ Apple because I got the new nano for free (after Mail in Rebate of course), as well as an excellent deal on Adobe Creative Suite Design 3 Premium. Retail $1799..Academic price = $599.95..but w/ Mac purchase = $349.95! You can tell I'm excited to join the Mac family...unfortunately the Pros w/ my configuration are on backorder.

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    MBP : 2.4GHz : 2GB RAM : 256MB VRAM : 160GB HDD
    Well, if I remember correctly you can no longer buy Final Cut Pro as a separate product; you have to get Final Cut Studio. That includes Motion (and some other things), and Motion doesn't work on the MacBook; only the Pro.

    Also, we used to use FCP on 17" iMacs at college, and let me tell you it was frustrating working on such "small" screens. Having run FCP on my MBP I think I could work quite comfortably on smaller projects (1 or 2 video tracks and a single audio track with a few clips), but for any real work (adding soundtracks and effects and having hundreds of clips) then I'd really want to work on a bigger screen so I can see everything at once and not have to be constantly scrolling up and down to see where something is. 13" would be less than ideal, even for on-location editing in my opinion.

    The choice is ultimately yours, but I think the MBP would offer a better all round experience.
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    thank you everyone for your help. i decided to go with the macbook pro and i'm really happy about it

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