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Thread: Applecare?

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    Is it worth it? What exactly does it do for me?

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    Applecare extends the standard 1 year warranty to 3 years.

    People who buy extended warranty feel it's a reasonable investment for a high cost purchase such as computers. It gives them a peace of mind.

    Personally I don't feel it's worth it because the computer failure after initial period is not very common.

    It basically boils down to your risk tolerance. If you can sleep better with extended warranty, you should get it.

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    With powerbooks I think it is more important because the repairs on powerbooks can cost much more money. I am glad that I got the applecare on mine. My battery lock got screwed up and the repairs would have been 460 dollars if i did not have the extended care
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    Yeah but the thing is, if I bought an iBook today, just the 12" model. The applecare cost is $389 Canadian!!!! That's an awful lot of money for 2years more warranty. Lots of problems can be fixed for a lot less than that in the first place after the stock 1year warranty.

    I guess it's just a risk you have to take.

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    Yeah I got lucky I think I have had my computer for over three years and I didn't buy applecare, but then my hinge busted which would cost a good $500 or so dollars, if you have someone else do it, but I bought the pieces and fixed it myself which cost me around $250 or so, but it would have been after applecare anyways. My new laptop, when I get one.. I will be getting applecare because I have been a moderator for these forums for quite sometime now and I have seen numerous people really happy that they had applecare because a lot of things, most things do cost more than applecare, to fix.. and then there are those that did not get applecare and are quite upset about it.

    So I used to be the risk taker, but now.. I'll buy applecare

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