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    Battery issue after spill
    Hey everyone;
    Two weeks after coming to College, I have already spilled water on my beautiful macbook. I took the usual course of action: took the battery out, unplugged all peripherals, used a towel to get what moisture I could get off the keyboard, and then tilted it on its side with a fan blowing on the keyboard (its a little humid here) for about 36 hours or so.

    I just booted it up, and everything seems to work fine, except the battery. It has an x through the indicator, which apparently means battery not recognized. I have the power-mag plugged in, and it is green, but I dont want to unplug and have it shutdown improperly...

    So I was wondering if I should let it dry out longer, or if the issue means its already shot.... and if thats the case would a new battery do the trick, or is it a more complicated internal issue?

    Thanks for the insights!
    And yes, I have learned a very valuable lesson here. Live and learn.

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    Mar 11, 2007
    White MacBook, 2Ghz C2D, 2GB ram
    Anyone have any suggestions??
    I really need to know if I should visit an Apple store, as I dont have easy access to one.

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