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    Angry everything crashes
    hi, im running an ibook g4 800 mhz with 384 mb ram upgraded from 256. i upgraded about a week 2 weeks ago due to the fact that i run itunes and imovie together alot with alot of saved files between them. I fitted the ram without any problems, and it has been fully recognised by the computer and os, however most of my applications close one by one after about 20 - 30 mins of use. im not suddenly doing loads of extra stuff at the time or since the ram upgrade. im just wondering if i need to change anything in the settings and have overlooked it? if any one can help i'd be very grateful as it's starting to get quite annoying.

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    My initial suggestion would be to remove the additional RAM and see if the problems continue. It sounds to me as if you got a defective or incompatible RAM stick.

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    Maybe if you run the hardware test CD too see if it sees the bad RAM.

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    i did try the harware test cd and it didn't see anything wrong with anything,just took it all in its did take a few mins to read it,but then again it does mention that it may do that.

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    Faulty memory is usually very difficult to diagnose. The symptom of bad memory is exactly what you are experiencing, random application crashes. Unless the memory problem is severe it's not going to turn up at hardware diagnosis. Like other have suggested, take out your memory and see if the problem goes away.

    Also, you probably won't see much difference going from 256MB to 384MB. You should add at least 256MB more, or preferrably 512MB.

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