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Thread: eMac to Powerbook

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    eMac to Powerbook
    Hello Powerbook People

    I was wondering if you could help me

    I currently have an eMac 700 with 384 RAM and 32 Meg Graphics

    I would like to get a powerbook as they are the most awsome thing i have ever seen.

    If i was to get a 1.5 Ghz Powerbook with 512 Ram and 128 Graphics, would there be a significant difference in speed etc. I will mostly use it for graphics therefore running applications like photoshop, freehand, quark 4 and some in 0s 9 classic.

    I probabally wont get one till autumn as i am moneyless

    Any comments are much appriciated



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    With those specs I'm sure you will notice some difference

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    u double the processo speed and triple the memory of the video card.i think u'll see a significant speed and performance increase

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