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    Whats up with my PB? << Help Needed <<--
    I was running only MS word, no other program except for the necessary system programs. I tried pasting one sentence into word and i get an error "insufficient memory-save your document now" whats up with that? 768mb isnt enough to run word? my palm pilot runs word better than this. and now the thing keeps quitting every time i type something... it did this on my gf's ibook as well. i cannot even finish my homework activity mointor shows 400 something MB of free not too impressed

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    What versions are you running? MS word and Opp...

    Do you use Suitcase to run your fonts?

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    latest Op system, 10.3.4, office 2004

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    no clue what suitcase is, im just running word

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    Quote Originally Posted by menace3054
    no clue what suitcase is, im just running word

    ok this is bs. im trying to paste a sentence from another word document and it keeps saying ":there is insufficient memory. save the document now" stupid microsoft

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    tried restarting this jalopy and it said" you need to restart your computer. hold down the power button for several seconds or press the restart button" instead of blue screen of death, its a gray one.. oh yea, it continues to do this over and over and over........................123!@#!@# ***MAD**

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    btw its crappy microsofts fault not apples.. MS office 2004 for sale..$129

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    you might have bad memmory...try taking out the extra, and running through the same steps?...I shouldn't be doing that at all...I have office x, and I haven't had that problem.

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    maybe its a flaw in office 2004... im going to try to get ahold of office x and see if that works better

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