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    macbook pro and games?
    Hi... i'm debating whether or not to get a macbook pro 2.4 GHz 15 inch.

    Money IS an issue for me but I am willing to spend the extra cash for an overall better performing computer.

    my question is whether or not a macbook pro running on bootcamp with Windows Vista will work playing the newest most demanding games as effectively as a PC. I've heard that Apple underclocks their computers and this may affect performance? or does running the game on Vista resolve that issue?

    I've also heard that running really demanding programs such as high-end games on the macbooks may overheat the computer cause Apple doesnt use fans? i could be wrong.. so if anyone could answer that, i'd much appreciate it.

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    The MBP is the high end Apple laptop. It should outperform almost all Windows based laptops with ease, especially being a Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz.
    As for gaming, I don't know, but it's got a 256MB vid card, right? I've run new games on an older Intel iMac with a 128MB card flawlessly.
    Fans are a must in laptops, I don't know why Apple would exclude them in the MBP. They're in the standard Macbooks.

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