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dmak 07-03-2004 11:48 PM

laptop bag - 15.2 PB - help
I visited the local compusa and say the Brenthaven pro file 15 bag and I knew that is the type of bag i want. It small enough but contain enought pockets to put the pb accessories. But the price is to high for a college student. I knew your help to find other cases that have the similar builts. What really matter to me is the hard casing this bag has. Its very sturdy and has a rectangular shape mold that adds additonal protection. Its very hard to describe. What other bags that is more affordable and has this type of padding.


menace3054 07-04-2004 01:11 AM

look at i got a bookbag there, that has amazing incredible insane protection. i think they have a slim bag, they are a little pricey, but so was your laptop, you need to protect it

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