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Thread: Slow macbook =(

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    Slow macbook =(
    So my macbook is not that old... I bought it off of somebody but it was practically brand new. Up until like a week or two ago, my macbook has been running very slowly. Not SOOOO slow but noticeably slower than before. Startup is fine... but moving between applications and the internet has been slow. And simple things like opening Microsoft Word takes a while. I have only downloaded Adium, Firefox, the Battery Updater, and Coconut Battery. I had also downloaded Limewire to download music but I uninstalled that. Or at least I think I did.

    Is there anything I can do to speed up my computer?! Without downloading even moreee things to it?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    One thing that could cause it to slowdown is the amount of processors running at a given time. You can check it in the Activity Monitor(Applications/Utilities). If you have too many Startup items remove the unwanted items from
    System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items(Corresponding User)

    Get rid of unnecessary software. Some time ago I had the same problem. Then I formatted my Mac and installed only the most necessary software.

    If you have software which demands lot of system resources, go for extra RAM.

    Before doing all that you can try to cleanup the cache and do a full maintenance through Onyx.

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    yeah check whats taking all the process, also check ram, you might be over allocating, might wanna get up 2gb

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    And what should I do after I check the Activity Monitor?
    I just see the regular things I use such as Adium and Safari and some applications on the dock such as Stickies and the Weather.
    There are a lot of things that I don't recognize... like HP Product (1.18 MB) and Print Daemon (288 KB)... pbs (248 KB) ... and iTunes Helper (664 KB).
    Can I quit process on these things or no?

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    Hi adri!

    I've used Mainmenu( to clean the caches and it made my mac much more speedy. How much ram do you have? Try downloading Mainmenu and see if it helps.

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    You only really clean out system and user caches if something isn't working properly. Also remember if you do clean up your caches, your system will take longer to load up on startup for about the first 2 times. You my also find that apps run slower for the first 2 times of loading them.

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