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    Hi all,

    I have a 12" G4 iBook and wondered if an external DVD burner would work with tings like iDVD?


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    You can use Toast with an external burner. In order to get iDVD to work with an external DVD burner, you need a hack. I don't remember where I got the hack from.

    DVD Studio Pro will work with an external DVD burner.
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    there are 2 little files called hfurz and pfzurz (i think) that will let you burn a) disk images
    b) to external drives

    You need to have those files in your home directory and then control click the burn button, hold it and then let go after a while i believe.

    The files were posted on a message board, google for 'idvd external drive' and similar strings, and you should find them..

    Happy burning!

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