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    Question CPU running alot and system getting hot.
    In the last few days my CPU has been running crazy and I dont know why. It uses like 75% of the CPU for about tens mins straight, bounceing back a fourth between 60 and 98%. Of course all this is making it run very hot. The iStat program says its running up to 165-175 degrees during all this. (When its normal its about 135-140ish) And the fans are going well of 6000 RPM. I try and make it stop by closeing all apps and try and close anything thats running, but it just seems to start and stop on its own. Like the CPU wants to get a work out every now and then. Is this normal? Anything I can do?

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    Go into Applications -> Utilities and launch Activity Monitor. It should tell you what process (probably one you cannot see on your desktop) is hogging all your CPU. Mine usually gets hogged by a process called "SyncServer", which iCal is responsible for launching. Kill the offending process by highlighting it, and clicking quit process.

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    Ah. Thank you very much. Super helpful, thanks

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