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    Angry Help..How to connect wirelessly with an Access Point?
    hi everyone,

    I used to have a pc notebook and have wireless connection at home.. now I am using a powerbook and I could not configure my wireless lan. I connected my cablemodem to my access point and did the configurations on macosx (panther). I turned on the airport and it saw my network. But it did not connect me to the internet. it says :

    'Airport is connected to the network. Airport has a self assigned IP address and may not be able to connect to the internet'

    is that problem because of my access point? cant it connect to the internet without apples airport system? My AP works fine I dont wanna change it
    I just wondered where the problem is and may there is solution with a software? any idea?


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    do you have cable or dsl? if you have cable then you may need an additional ip address

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    I have a cable internet connection.. not DSL.. so what I must do?

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    First of all, make sure your cable modem is plugged into the "WAN" port of your router. Make sure you have a link light on both ends.

    Second, after you connect, ping your router (usually to see if you're even connecting.

    It sounds like you're not, if the OS is warning you that it's using a self-assigned address. I'm guessing your router's DHCP isn't turned on. You can always try assigning a static IP address to your Mac.

    If none of this makes any sense to you, then go to the router's website and read the directions from scratch.
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    Guest have an access point. If you want a network, somewhere you HAVE to have a router. I suggest you get a wired router. You can connect an access point to the router, not to the modem.

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    Thansk everyone.. I am planning to buy an adsl modem with router.. then I think I wont have a proble with it.. Thanks again..

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