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    Question about durability
    Hi, im currently a college student who just ordered his first macbook and i have a question...
    How much impact can the macbook withstand seeing as i will be carrying around all day in my backpack (notebook support sleeve). Anyone here had there macbook break by force trauma? I notice that the case on the macbook is basically like plastic. How easily is the macbook scratched?

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    Well I have a MBP and I had a MB which I used both for work.. I travel extensively, so both Macbooks followed me through airports and cabs etc and both held up quite well.. I guess the question would be what do you mean by force trauma? Any laptop that has force trauma is bound to have issues hehe. I noticed that both the macbook and the macbook pro scratch somewhat easily..

    Just make sure to buy a good backpack with good laptop support and you should be fine..

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    i agree, i feel the macbook will hold up as well as any other laptop, but keep in mind, laptops/notebooks are not made to withstand excessive wear and tear except maybe a tough book, i believe its called. i keep mine in a padded sleeve case and in a regular back pack. just dont forget you have your macbook in there and you should be fine!

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    the macbook will definitely get scratched up even if u leave it at home all day
    if you want durable get the thinkpad by lenovo, or a dell latitude d630

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    I take mine to class in a case and its at home most of the other time unless i travel. its about 8 months old and doesn't have any scratches. it just depends how you take care of it. it does have a few imperfections but nothing bad. but keep in mind, it is your computer, you paid money for it. Don't be afraid to use it! if it gets scratched, it gets scratched. Do your best to keep it nice and don't worry about it.

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