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    Does spilt water only damage logic board?
    I was wondering if water is spilt on a macbook can that damage the screen and optical drive? Or will it only damage the logic board? I'm asking because I'm bidding on a macbook on ebay that had water spilt on the keyboard and does not power on and I want to use it for parts (screen and superdrive). Thanks!
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    Generally, pure water cannot harm anything. Water is an insolator. If the water has imputities, then it can be an electron bridge and do damage. And since it has obviously, I'd stay clear of this one. There's no way to know what was damaged by the rogue electricity.

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    i say go for it... and I do this for a few reasons.

    1) it's not my $

    2) the LCD probably didn't have any water spilled directly into it (unless it was a full dunking) and even if it did, there isn't a high likelihood that it damaged it. Most of the important parts of the LCD aren't as susceptible to water as the primary board is. I'm guessing when it did short out, the LCD lost signal and power before it was damaged. You can soak the computer all day long and it won't do anything unless there is a charge involved.

    3) The optical drive is probably okay too, based on my rough presumptions of the power to it going out quickly. I'm guessing that somewhere after the battery and before the nice little components are involved there was a short on the main board, rendering it slag, but leaving the parts just fine.

    5( You can part out the plastic pieces and casing for a fair amount of money so it's not a complete loss. Going price for hinge $19, screen bezel $19, back of lid $25, bottom case $25, feet $10... you see, with a few hours and some nice photography, you can get back a portion of your price.

    J) Taking apart iBooks is a really good skill to have and you will only have things to gain with this one. If the price is less than an LCD, you have a good chance of getting your money's worth in skill development, parting out the components and possible jackpot on the LCD and drive.

    Friday) The HD and Airport and modem and such might be fine as well. With some time, a spare computer, and a multimeter you could find that some other things are fine as well.

    (24A-16B)=467 ! I really think the LCD will be fine if that's all that happened, the optical drive might be more of a problem, it probably depends on if they let things dry out completely, took it apart to help it or forced air (via hairdryer) into the case to help quicken the process. There are a lot of spots that can hold a small charge, but not many that are strong enough to do any lasting damage. I would think that the power inverter for the LCD could do this and surely the battery and the power system before the voltage is stepped down could to this as well.

    ?) honestly I don't know for sure but like I said in #1 go for it.

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