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    Wireless Mouse or not?
    Well, I'm going to buy my new 12" PowerBook G4 tomorrow! My first Mac! I'm also deciding whether or not to get a wireless mouse, or just the regular optical mouse. Which do you think would be better? Is it really worth the $30 difference? Is the cord for the standard optical mouse long enough for the PB? What would be the benefit of getting a wireless one? I really don't expect to be using my PB from across the room, as I won't be able to see the screen, lol. So, what do you think I should get? Thanks!

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    IMO the wireless mouse on a Powerbook is kinda just another way to burn up batteries

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    Wireless or bluetooth keyboards and mice are in my opinion completely extraneous and more for vanity than anything else. Sure, it looks cool without the thin little black cord running from your mouse to your computer, but with all the batteries you'll be eating up using that thing daily, you'll end up cursing yourself for ever thinking "looks" were more important than "substance."

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    i did think about getting a wireless mouse but i opted to get a mini optical mouse with an extractable cable that cost me 5 from ebay with postage as opposed to 60 for the apple wireless mouse, a huge price difference there.

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    thanks everyone. Yeah, I've decided to get the standard optical. It just doesn't make sense yet for the wireless. Also, it might get lost in the clutter that'll become my dorm room, lol!

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    i wouldnt say the same..i have the bluetooth keyboard and mouse...just bought them..been using it now for about 3 months havent changed the batteries once and im allways a goof and forget to turn it no worries about battery life cuase its good
    being able to lay in bed and control the dvd player on the tv screen is nice..and coming home puttin my powerbook in its home the mouse and keyboard automatically connect and are ready to fuse no mess...

    if you get the powerbook..why have the cords...the whole point of a laptop is to be as wireless as you they just fill up extra usb ports


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    Get the wireless. I have both. My desk is still a mess with all the cords iPod, external drive, printer, iChat, etc., so why have more? I wish all of those devoces were bluetooth enabled. I have never changed my keyboard batteries in 6 months and only changed the mouse once. They work well. Also, the bluetooth monitors the power in the devices so you can always see how much you have left. BTW- I never turn mine off.

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    bluetooth mouse lags alot! but if your not using photoshop it's not so bad.

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    I have a mouse with a cord. The cord is annoying. I regret not saving the cash and going wireless.

    The wireless mice fit with the convenience of PBs

    I think the current issue of macuser reviews wireless/laptop mice. Might be worth a look.

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    go wireless... you won't regret it!

    anyway isn't that the point of owning a laptop..

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    get a wireless mouse. get some rechargeable batteries. and voila

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    I have a Logitech MX900. It is seriously the best Powerbook related purchase I have made. Worth every penny. I'm considering buying the Apple wireless keyboard, but I'm not sure I need it.

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    I have the BT-500, a nice white one with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. Bluetooth rules.

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    I have the wireless apple mouse. very nice touch if ur making ur powerbook a stationary set up (in a dorm room). it looks nice

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    Do you guys even bother to read the entire thread, or do you just chime in with your 2 cents without even REALIZING the man who asked the question has already decided to go with a standard optical mouse?

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