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    Stupid question about buying in Delaware
    I'm not too far from Delaware, so I have what's probably a dumb question. If I go there to buy the computer, I don't need to be a resident of Delaware, and it has no effect on anything computer related whatsoever, right?

    I realize these are stupid questions, but I just want to be sure before driving down. Thanks!

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    You going to avoid the sales tax? If so, then you will avoid the sales tax, and there will be nothing state-specific about the machine so worry not.

    At least I don't think Apple makes Delaware specific keyboards

    Of course someone will come in with 'fill out some obscure tax form so that Harrisburg, or whatever adjacent state's capital gets its due'.

    Yeah, well I bought my gas grill in DE, and since I didn't get stopped at the border, I just kept on going! Got my Macbook at the King of Prussia Apple store, so I've paid my dues!

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    Call the store and ask.

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    there isnt anything wrong. i live around cherry hill in new jersey and i drove down to the christiana mall apple store for my mbp and avoided sales tax. there are no perks from buying in a different state at all.

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    Do it, I drive to Delaware all the time for expensive purchases. It saves you a few hundo.

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