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    Cool A few questions...!
    Hi all!

    Got my new black Macbook (fully upgraded everything) and I now have a few questions. Completely new to Mac as well.

    Firstly... I'm guessing everyone else with a Black Macbook has like a "greasy" (not sure how to describe it) track pad from just normal use? Does it hurt to clean this? And this is normal right! (I have clean hands lol!)

    I do however, realise the black mac is a finger print magnet!

    Secondly... when I put in a cd/dvd... it makes quite a few clicks before taking reading it and whatever... so it's quite noisy. Someone told me the slot drives are quite noisy anyway, so I'm guessing this is nothing to worry about? The DVD's are read fine and don't appear to have any damage on them.

    Ok, think that is all for the moment, will no doubt be posting again when I think of some more! Your help is appreciated!

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    Yeah you're fine cleaning the finger prints off...clean with glass cleaner that's ammonia free if you want, I sometimes use wet wipes. Just something light and non-corrosive.

    Yes the drives are noisy, it's completely normal. Don't worry about it, enjoy your new Macbook.

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    How can you enjoy it if it's noisy? They still haven't fixed this?

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    Well, mine hasn't been noisy the whole time, just when I put the disc in (it makes a few clicks and noises before it starts spinning etc - it's hard to describe!). I'm probably making it sound worse that it is as well heh

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    as per cleaning your trackpad, use Purell on a q-tip.
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    Hey f1d,

    Congrats on the Black MacBook. I have one of those as well.

    The whole drive making all those clicks thing... Its absolutely Normal. Nothing is wrong with the Drive itself.

    About the finger Print issue... Yeah thats the price you pay for having the Sexy Black MacBook. But all the previous posters gave ya all the tips on that already.

    Have Fun and Enjoy your MacBook Experience.



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    Hey guys!

    Thanks for your replies and advice, will take the recommendations of cleaning it into mind!

    Also thanks for putting my mind at rest over the CD drive, much appreciated!

    Apple Mac is certainly the way to go... and looking forward to using it for a very like time


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