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    True memory limit question
    According to Apple, the limit is 4GB.

    According to another thread, the Intel "Santa Rosa" limit is 8GB. However, the poster assumed (perhaps correctly) that the latest MacBook Pro conforms to the Santa Rosa specification based on the processor. However, Intel configurations (Centrino, Santa Rosa, ...) also include requirements for support chipsets beyond just the processor.

    Hence the question, is the latest MacBook Pro truely Santa Rosa compliant and therefore upgradable to 8GB?


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    It is updrageable to 8GB but as far as I know there is no 4GB sticks being sold yet as they have not been developed?
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    To be fully "Santa Rosa Platform" (or "Centrino Duo" or "Centrino Pro") compliant it would need an Intel graphics chip, but it doesn't. I don't see how that would affect the RAM capacity though.

    It should go up to 8GB if you can get the 4GB sticks.
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    Thanks to Skye and Levi. So I guess I'll take the risk in purchasing the 15" MacBook at 4GB and hope to upgrade to 8GB in a couple of years.

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