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    which one to get...
    hi everyone, im a soon to be college freshman, and i was wondering when would be the ideal time to purchase my powerbook. i really want to buy it now, but i have heard that after wwdc new hardware will be available. is this ture? anyone have any idea if i should wait, and if i do is it really worth it? - chris.

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    I don't think any new PowerBook hardware will be available, but I would at least wait until after WWDC to be sure. Also you may want to wait a bit longer for a back-to-school deal on a PowerBook and iPod combo or something similar if that is something that interests you. I'm in the same boat, been waiting since the beginning of June, its agonizing...

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    ya im in the same boat as well, i know im going to get a powerbook probably two weeks from now but still not sure which one to get and im also anxious about the new thjing that will be anounced in the WWDC.

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    get the 12 inch one for sure.. I have a 12 inch and i love it because its so incredibly portable. its easy to carry around with you, but its still amazingly fast. considering that the new lineup of powerbooks just came out, i dont think new ones will come out for a little bit. get an ipod too. make sure you buy it from apples education store, considerable discounts off hardware.

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    I was going to wait and see if there was going to be any revisions for the Powerbooks, but I just couldn't wait anymore. I went ahead and got my 17 inch Powerbook and couldn't be happier.

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    im going to be a computer science / biology double major, so i am concerned about the size of the 12 inch powerbooks screen. do you think it will get annoying staring at that size screen for hours on ends while programming? and if not, do you think the specs of the 12 inch, 1.25 gb ram, and 64 mb vid card will be enough to get me through 4-5 years of college at least?

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    Whoops...I posted something else but after reading your whole post, I realized you were correct.

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