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    Question hardware upgrades
    Just a few quick questions for you guys.
    1. Are macbook pro's currently being manufactured with the "santa rosa" core2, or is that an expected upgrade to be released on the same date as Leopard?
    2. Are there any other hardware upgrades that are being released along side of Leopard, or is the only update the OS?
    3. If i were to buy the macbook pro now, and later install leopard, would the performance be at all compromised compared to that of a macbook pro that came from the factory with Leopard on it? If the answer is yes - what would be the best installation process to keep my mac running at it's highest possible efficiency?

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    1. correct me if i am wrong but mbp's are being manufactured with santa rosa core2duo processors.
    2. That information has not been released and won't be by apple until october, i think leopard comes out.
    3. If you buy it now and install leopard later there shouldn't be any performance compromised compared to if you bought the mbp with leopard.

    that sounds about right, hope it helps and please correct me if i am wrong.

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