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    Macbook+Wiped Hard drive?
    Hello all,

    My first post. I've searched in the forums, but seem unable to find a solution to my problem. My fiance's macbook loads only to a flashing question mark.

    It will not load in single user mode.

    I firewired it to my macbook to retrieve data and it does not mount and disk utility does not see it.

    I inserted the Mac install disk, held down option, and the only option is the install disk. I try to install OS X and there is no drive available.

    I'm totally perplexed. No drive to correct, no drive to re-install. The system profiler does not recognize the drive either.

    My fiance is not aware of how this occured. Her last action was to download Flash and install it. I'm wondering if the directory may have been compromised somehow, but I don't know how.

    Thanks for your advice!

    Best regards, Raff

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    Try putting the OS X install disc in the drive, and Reboot while holding "C".
    That should boot to the CD, and allow you to re-install...

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    I tried. There is no destination volume to select.

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    possibly your hard drive died. like totally dead.

    Windows fanboy gone Mac. Switching as soon as leopard launches. Can't wait for my macbook pro!

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