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    primary screen / monitor selection
    I've got a powerbook 17 inch and the screen is cracked badly enough so I can't read anything on it or navigate to anything e.g. system preferences. I bought a LCD monitor as its a powerbook and will probably replace soon.

    I connected the monitor using the DVI cable, but when switching on the powerbook, it automatically treats the new monitor as a secondary monitor, e.g. when you work with 2 monitors, you can drag items from one monitor to another. This means I can't actually see anything except my desktop wallpaper on the new monitor. If I try shortcut keys, it opens everything on the powerbook monitor which is cracked.

    How can I get the powerbook to recognise the new monitor as the primary monitor? I can't see whats happening on the powerbook screen because its cracked, so will need shortcuts.


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    Aug 08, 2007
    Its ok - found it. Pressing the command key and all the F1 - F12 keys ... the Cmd + F7 seems to refresh the display and just picked up the new monitor as primary.

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