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    Installing OSX on a New macbook hard Drive
    I bought my mac book last year and it only had a 60gb hard drive. I bought a new 160gig hard drive. I installed in the mac book just fine, but when I try to install OSX it's not showing up as a drive able to install. Must I do anything to the hard drive before I can install OSX?


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    You probably have to format it so the mac can read it. I cant remember off the top of my head the right system, but im sure somebody will chime in and tell us both.

    Put the cd in the drive and hold C to boot from it and I think there is a utility drop down so you can get in disk utility. Once you find that hopefully you can format from there.

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    PunkRock is right, you have to format the drive to the HFS format (be sure to choose Journaled). Then setup will let you pick the drive to install on.

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    In the Utility dropdown select erase and target the new HDD. Select HFS+ and check the box for OS 9 drivers if you need them. It takes a few seconds and then the drive will be ready to install OS X from the installation DVD.
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