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    Looking to upgrade from 12" PB to MBP. Looking for thoughts.
    So, right now I have a 12 inch PowerBook. It's around two years and one month old. Still working fine, but one of these days I think I'm gonna give it to my brother and get myself a MacBook. The 2000 dollar starting price is pretty hefty for me (I'm 16), and so I want to get the most for my money. I was hoping somebody could answer a few questions and help me make some decisions. Here goes:

    Which processor speed? Will I notice any real difference between 2.2 and 2.4 GHz? The 2.4 will really have to be a kick to justify the 2500 dollar base price. I'll have trouble scraping up 2000 as it is. I use my processor for primarily recording/editing music.

    Glossy or regular ole screen? Is the glossy screen just a regular screen with a glossy bit on top? Right now I really like the standard display that I have on my Powerbook. It's perfectly sufficient for my needs, nice too look at. I'm very accustomed to and comfortable with my screen. If there was a price increase for a glossy screen I wouldn't spring for it, but since they cost the same amount, I don't know. Are the blacks really that much blacker? Do you get glare and reflections on the screen? I suppose black-blacks would be nice as I do use my laptop to watch movies on West Coast to Europe flights which I make a 2-4 times a year. Any input on this matter would be hugely appreciated.

    Graphics? I can't see this mattering much to me from a music editing perspective. Not much of a gamer. I'm happy with my graphics setup now (64 mb), so I can't imagine I'll need the 256 MB card. Lemme know any thoughts.

    As for RAM: I have 512 MB now, works fine. I can leave my computer on for days and it takes ages for the RAM to fill up to a place where it's noticeable to me. 2 GB sounds like plenty...that is, unless the MacBook fills up RAM at a greatly increased rate.

    I think 120 GB should cover me in combination with my 250 GB external drive...SuperDrive seems excessive, as I don't do any DVD burning...but it's standard anyways.

    So there we seems to me like the cheapest MBP should be a huge kick in the pants compared to my little PowerBook. It almost seems like a higher end MacBook could do it for me, but I really like to have the metal case and my friend's MacBook doesn't seem all that snappy (but that is an entry line model). Anyways, give me any feedback ye may have. Thank you!

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    I would recommend the 15" 2.2 ghz with the 2 gig of ram and the 120 gb hd. I have also found that unless you're in a really dark room all of the time I would go with the non glare screen. I have had it for a couple of weeks now and love the power and speed it has. I had read that the bottom gets hot and I have to tell you, it does. This is definitly a notebook and not a laptop. i hope this helps.

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    I'd say go with the base model (2.2Ghz, 128MB Video card, etc) unless you plan on gaming or possibly making videos to go with your audio, in that case go with the 2.4, 256 model.

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    2.2 GHz, 1.5 or 2GB, SuperDrive, 120GB

    Perfect choice for you right there ^^^.

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