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    Angry disk drive making loud weird noises...
    Hm, I just got my MBP like 3 days ago...and the drive where CD's go in makes loud odd beeping noises. It doesnt read on the computer either.. And when i press eject on my keyboard, nothing comes!

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    Sounds like a bad superdrive to me. I would take it back to the apple store and ask for a replacement.

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    It might be a bad disc. I've read that some cheaper recordable discs can actually warp when they get heated up. Try this - turn your computer off and leave it off for about an hour, this should give the disc long enough to cool down and return to its normal shape. Then, turn the computer on and press and hold the mouse button until the disc ejects.

    I picked up this tip from, here. From what I understand, it's usually successful. Just keep in mind that slot-loading drives are more sensitive to the type of media you use. Stick with good quality recordable discs and never use discs with stick-on labels (they have a tendency to come off at the wrong time).
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