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    Talking New to Mac's...
    I've been a PC guy for 14 years, so you can say I am still a bit attached.

    However, about 6 months ago, on a whim, I bought a used 700 Mhz iMac DV with 512 meg Ram. I tinkered a bit but never got 'into' it. My daughter convinced me to move it to her room, so I quit using it for a while. She decided she wanted a PC (Her old one was still in storage) So the iMac came back to my desk.

    Since it's been sitting here, patiently waiting for me to use it, I started to surf the web with it. The more I used it the more I became familiar with the OS, the more I enjoy it.

    So.. after 14 years of strictly PC, I now get why people enjoy Macs.

    I haven't lost any love for the PC, I just have new found respect for Macs. And since I have enjoyed it so, I ordered a new Powerbook G4 1.33 15" with 512meg.

    Since I have a 2.4 ghz PC with DVD burner, I didn't get the super drive.

    I am selling my Dell Inspirion 8500 2.4ghz Laptop to make room for the Powerbook. So now I have a decent desktop PC to play with and a decent Mac laptop. Best of both worlds! :cool:

    I'll try to not ask too many newbie questions without using the search button first.

    If you can think of anything that's a must know, feel free to let me know!


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    If you don't feel like learning the terminal, or letting the new Mac be on running, not sleep between 03:00 05:00 then I suggest downloading Mac janitor for cron tasks

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    Thank you! Since it's a laptop, I am sure it won't always be on...

    Since I have the iMac, I am playing with it here... I am eventually going to flatten and rebuild the iMac once my Powerbook gets here so I can sell it. Might as well load this thing with all the junk to see what works best and what doesnt

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    What OS was the iMac? If it was not OSX, thats probably why you didn't get into it at first.

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    Hey there Matt,

    It came with OSX (Jaguar) on there, I think the main reason is because it is pretty slow compared to my Athlon 2400 and my P4 2.4 ghz. Plus the screen is pretty small compared to my 17" crt or even the 15.4" LCD on my laptop.

    For whatever the reason, I am glad I got through it and was able to get into this to learn it.

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