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    Question Ibook or Powerbook??
    my uncle is getting me a new computer for college and he insists on getting me an ibook. I dont want an Ibook , i want a PowerBook. I am an architecture major an i may be start up with music as well. Im not certain that the programs i will be using can be well supported by an ibook. Autocad- an architecture program that has 3d modeling and planning, Finali- a music composition program,
    Photoshop, illustrator,microsoft office, Redrum a beat composition program and i may be getting Digital Performer which is the professional version of that. Games and Music. is an ibook capable or should i pay 400 dollars more for a power book with the small screen :confused: i think the one that i want does not have a dvd burner big woop. :confused: can someone help me i could live with a ibook if i know its not going to be struggling with the programs i will be using

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exmos
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]my uncle is getting me a new computer for college and he insists on getting me an ibook. I dont want an Ibook , i want a PowerBook.
    Personally, I would go for the PowerBook. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with an iBook, but I think for running Autocad you are going to want the beefiest machine you can get. One REALLY nice thing about the PB is that you can connect a larger external monitor, something that might be important to you when you start doing large drawings. If I recall correctly, you can't connect an external monitor to an iBook. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    Just my opinions, of course. We use PB's here for our design people.


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    I believe that autocad will on run on a PC. You will need virtual PC to run it on an Apple computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rman
    I believe that autocad will on run on a PC. You will need virtual PC to run it on an Apple computer.
    Hadn't thought of that, but I checked, and you're right. Autocad only runs on PC. So Virtual PC is going to definitely be needed. Yet another reason to stick to the beefier PB.


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    The new Rev B iBook's arent snails....I would go for an iBook.

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    autocad on PowerBook
    There are rumors that Autodesk is going to make a mac version again. They used to but I think that was way back at v10. I will believe it when I see it..

    You can run Autocad on a PowerBook, I am doing it on my 12" 1.33ghz. I tried it on a 12" 1ghz but the 1.33 is much faster. I have Win 2000, XP sucks, or blows, take your choice , I have a friend with a 1ghz with xp running and it is painful, too slow to be usefull. I find Win 2000 is pretty good for speed. I have run Architectural desktop v2 and Autocad 2002 on mine and both work. I use other programs for modelling so I do not need Architectural desktop. I just got the update to Autocad 2005 so will see how that works when I find time to...

    Buy the fastest PowerBook that you can afford and if you are doing a lot the 15 may be better though my 12 is nicer to carry around and find the screen is good for what I do.

    Max out the ram as it will help a lot.

    Lightscape for rendering works pretty well also.

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    Get crucial ram upgrade, not genuine apple. I haven't used this RAM but this forum mentions nothing but good stuff about their RAM (what i've heard SO FAR anyway). Genuine Apple RAM is expensive and crucial is very decently priced (according to this forum website).

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    well if the one major application that you need for your major is a windows ONLY app, maybe apple isn't the way to go...

    My experiences with virtual pc have been horrible, i'm not sure if it's going to be enough for your needs (esp. if it's a prog that you'll be using on a regular basis?)

    Hate to say this but, have you looked at windows laptops?

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    In this case I think Aptmunich has a point. If you need a boat, don't buy an airplane and try to land it on water. Just buy a damn boat. I love my Mac, but trying to run Autocad via Virtual PC is at best a joke. Plus you will want a DESKTOP, as most laptop won't have good 3D rendering for your need.

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