Just wanted to see if there was any way to override the Keyboard Backlight setters, respectively F8, F9, and F10?

I would prefer not have to use the Function button (fn) and hit either F9 or F10 to use Expose - open up Applications Windows (fn+F10) or All Windows (fn+F9). I find I use the Applications Windows and All Windows much more than I will ever use the keyboard light settings. Is there anyway that I could switch the commands over so that I would have to use the function button to adjust the keyboard backlight? Hope that all made sense

And just a side question, is MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update necessary? If so, how often should you do it? Or, will it prompt you to do when it is necessary? It also says to hold Power Button, which I assume is the the one right to the right of the keyboard and not the button on the bottm? haha soo sorry for the questions. I did a searhc, but was unable to find what I was looking for.

Thank you for any help!