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cakman2 06-16-2004 10:00 AM

Mac Help stopped working
After Downloading the new iTunes udpate and the latest security patch and installing them, all the sudden my Mac Help in Finder has stopped working. When I try to open it, it struggles... spinning color wheel... and then closes. then it asks if I should send error report, but will not allow me to send it (the send box is transparent).

Any ideas what may be wrong or how to fix it?

witeshark 06-16-2004 01:24 PM

Did you run repair permissions? After every software update, and about every 2 weeks: close all apps and log totally off. Log on, go in Finder, Applications. Utilities, Disk Utility. After the message -getting disk information- select volume (below the hard drive name -upper left corner). Just highlight it. Now look to the lower two things are there near the middle, verify permissions, repair permissions. Click repair permissions. IF that doesn't help, then delete the preference files, Finder > Library > Preferences find apple.helpui.plist apple.hlpviewer.plis And if there is a third control click and send to trash. close everything and reopen finder and open Mac help and those preferences should regenerate and help should work again and you can secure empty trash

cakman2 06-16-2004 02:53 PM

Thanks, I will give it a try when I get home.

I have done that before , but not since this last download.

cakman2 06-16-2004 09:13 PM

Didn't work. I guess I am experiencing my first Mac snafu. A little frustrating to be honest.

Osiris22x 06-16-2004 09:26 PM

cakman2, go download a program called Yasu (it's free). Run it, and reboot. It will repair permissions, clean out all cache (which might help) and update your prebindings, as well as run all crons.

Did you read the second part of witeshark's post about erasing the plist file? That usually does the trick.

cakman2 06-21-2004 04:04 PM

I followed both suggestions and still nada. Where can I get this Yasu?

witeshark 06-21-2004 10:07 PM


Originally Posted by cakman2
I followed both suggestions and still nada. Where can I get this Yasu?

cakman2 06-24-2004 12:06 PM

Yahoo! Yasu worked.

Nifty program

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